Saturday, 26 September 2015

Do Not Carry The Worry Of This Life

Do not carry the worries of this life.

Because this is for Allah.

And do not carry the worries of sustenance.

Because it is from Allah.

And do not carry the anxiety for the future.

Because it it is in the Hands of Allah.

Carry one thing.

How to please Allah.

Because if you please Him.

He pleases you.

Fulfils you and enriches you.

Do not weep from a life that made your heart weep.

Sadness departs with a sajdah.

Happiness comes with sincere du'a.

Allah does not forget the good you do.

Nor does He forget the good you did to others.

And the pain you relieved them from.

Nor will He forget the eye which was about to cry but you made it laugh.

Live your life with this principle.

Be good if you don't receive good.

Because Allah love the good doers.

-The Ideal Muslimah-

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  1. We just have to believe in Allah. Insya Allah, everything will be better ^_^